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For the past 25 years, I've been married to a wonderful man (John) who has always put me and our daughter (Caroline) first. Because of him, I was able to go back to college, completing both my bachelor and master degrees. It wasn't an easy path to take -- starting my first full time year of college being pregnant with Caroline. I continued my education through her infant, toddler, and preschool years, finishing graduate school when she entered kindergarten. During that time, John worked his full time job plus an overnight stocking job several nights per week. He made that sacrifice in the short term to secure a more stable long term future for us. 

John and I know that marriage is work. It's challenging. But it's also so rewarding to have a committed partner by your side - both in challenging times, and rewarding times. There have been several times over the past quarter century that one of us considered throwing in the towel. Over the past 26+ years, something has always brought us back to center -- and that's remembering that we committed to be each other's partner, through thick and thin. We both committed to growing old together. 

As a photographer, participating in your wedding and seeing you begin your own journey of commitment to each other is a true honor. Being invited to a cherished event with your friends and family, and asked to commemorate that event through photography for future generations is not a responsibility that I take lightly.   

We (me and my second photographer, who happens to be my husband) aren't "natural light photographers" -- we have invested in the use of off-camera lighting to add gentle glow to your images, to remove the 'raccoon eye' look, and avoid unflattering shadows.  I'm also not the type of photographer that hollers at you from across the room.  Instead, I prefer to to walk up to you and give prompts to make your pictures beautiful.  This makes for a more personal photo session, and helps you feel a little more calm and laid-back.  (If you aren't a fan of being yelled at to "lean on in there and give (your now spouse) a big 'ole kiss!" -- with all eyes on you from your crowd of family and friends -- then I'm the right wedding photographer for you!) 

And now, some fun stuff about me...I have a serious sweet tooth. I love to binge watch a good series (Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, and the Swedish series Bonus Family) and movies with fun humor (Deadpool, Hot Fuzz). Most weekends you'll find me snuggled on the couch, surrounded by 3 rescue dogs (watching said entertainment....). My fur babies are all short and squatty little dachshund mixes, rescued from animal shelters.  And I'm a HUGE Twenty One Pilots fan.  I've seen them nearly a dozen times in concerts across the country with my daughter.  And I've also listened to their music literally non-stop on a few cross-country drives between Wisconsin and Florida (that's about 22 hours in the car, one way, in case you were wondering....and I never once skipped one of their songs -- just continued them on a 22 hour loop!).  Fellow FPE'rs, I know we will be good frens :)




by a quick stop to the day care center to pick up my brother.  I saw his car pull up in the driveway, and I ran out to meet him with my camera.  Proudly holding up my brother in his car seat carrier, my dad was beaming from ear to ear.  

As a mom, I don't have a lot of photos of myself (with our without my daughter in them).  I know what's it like to have an iPhone full of photos of your loved ones (humans and/or fur babies!), and none of them include you.  We can change that, and capture irreplaceable moments in time for you to treasure.  Just like I treasure that photo of my dad with my new baby brother.  Let's make it happen!

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have always loved to photograph -- ever since I was 10.  I will never forget the look on my dad's face in one of the photos I took of him with my very first camera, when my little brother was a newborn. My dad had just come home from work, followed



chicago and milwaukee WEDDING Photographer

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I'm really happy with my wedding photos from KC Photography!  We got married in a non-traditional location, but you can't tell from the photographs.  They are just as lovely as church wedding photos!  My sparkler exit went by so fast - but I'm lucky to have a glimpse of that moment documented forever in my wedding album. 
-Joe and Laura


Kate did a great job photographing my beach wedding.  I was a little nervous having photos on the beach with so many people watching us.  Kate helped us feel relaxed, and we forgot all about the crowd of people watching us have our photos taken.  I'm so happy with how my wedding portraits turned out!
-Kristyna & Christopher 



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Like so many people who love photos, I have very few images that include me.  Whether it's with my iPhone or my professional camera gear, I rarely get the chance to have nice photos taken of me.  It shouldn't feel like a chore to get beautiful photos.  That's where I come in.  I'll make the process easy and fun!

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