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What to wear for your engagement photos

January 1, 2022

So….now that you got engaged (CONGRATULATIONS, by the way!) you are wondering what to wear for your engagement photos. I bet you are super excited to share your engagement news with your friends and family, and need an updated portrait of you and your soon-to-be-better-half. You know, to do that old-fashioned thing of MAILING printed portraits to your loved ones. Envision your grandparents, aunts and uncles, and your parents putting your portrait on their refrigerator, so they can view it several times a day. Definitely, you’ll want to look your best!

Let’s talk COLORS. Sticking with white, black, or gray is a safe option, but let’s spice things up a little bit. Natural colors like cream/off white, light or medium tan, or reddish brown work well as “base colors”. Adding some jewel tones (or those you’d see on the leaves in fall) can round our your look. Pumpkin/burnt orange, rust, maroon, hunter green, olive green, navy blue are beautiful choices. With my editing style, light or pastels aren’t the best option.

PATTERNS…you can throw in a bit of a pattern, but be sure it coordinates well with your better half. Limit the pattern to just half the outfit (a top, for example) or an accessory (e.g. a fashionable scarf, bow tie), and only in your outfit, or your other half’s, so as to not distract. Petite floral patterns, polka dot, or broad stripes are some of the prints you can choose from.


COORDINATE — no need to match each other. You’ll want your clothing colors to look natural together. SILHOUETTES – flowy dresses look beautiful for ladies. Another cute look is the almost-knee-high-boots paired with leggings (or jeggings), a sweater and lightly printed scarf. Definitely one of my favorite fall/winter looks! ACCENTS – You can add a flower in your hair, a bow tie to your button-up shirt, or add a hat (examples include the paper boy, trilby, fedora, cowboy, and the list goes on!). SHOES or BOOTS- Should be a solid color (avoid white), practical and not distracting.

A POLISHED LOOK – make sure your nails are trimmed (including your toe nails, in case your summer photos might include a barefoot look). Since the engagement ring will be showed off in the photos, clean looking nails are a must! You can color your nails if you’d like. Make sure to keep the sports watches at home, and remove your cell phone from your pocket. It’s the little things that really make your images next-level!


Now that you have the details on what to wear for your engagement photos, let’s go shopping!

  • Check out Joyfolie (check out their Mademoiselle/Clothing/Dresses and Rompers section). I’m really loving dresses like the ones included here in this article, including the hat!
  • Even though I hate the name “Dress Barn“, they have some pretty options. (Maybe I should think of Dress Barn in a “Wedding Barn” context, instead of a “dairy farm barn” context…then maybe I won’t cringe a little when I say “Dress Barn” :P). They have adorable wrap dresses and super cute Plus sized ruffled dresses
  • If you like the boho look, Lulus has an entire section on their website dedicated to it!
  • Kiyonna has several Plus sized options, like this best selling wrap dress I included in my photos here.
  • Expecting? Check out my blog article on maternity gowns!

Joyfolie – “Cedrica” dress

Joyfolie – “Maylin” dress
Dress Barn – “Carmen” wrap dress
Dress Barn – Chiffon cape dress
Dress Barn – Hi Lo ruffle dress

Guys – where to shop

  • A long sleeve polo shirt gives you a comfortable, yet “I’m wearing a nice shirt” look. Check out ASOS for additional options.
  • For button up shirts, Bloomingdales has a wide variety of solid color and prints.
  • Check out Nordstroms for a range of options from suits and separates to sweaters and business casual shirts.
  • For Big and Tall sizes, check out KingSize, DXL, and Bonobos.

Hopefully you are now better prepared to answer the question of what to wear for your engagement photos 🙂 Happy shopping!

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